Treatment Price List
Dermal Fillers


Nurse Prescriber & Clinical Director)


(Registered Nurse prescriber)


(Registered Nurse)

Dermal Filler Consultation £30 £30
Dermal Filler Dissolving £170 per session
Cheek Enhancement 1ml £240 £210
Cheek Enhancement 2ml £400 £370
Chin Reshaping £240
Jawline Enhancement From £400
Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines) £240 £210
Marionette Lines (mouth to chin) £240 £210
Tear Trough Treatment £260
Tear Trough top up  (within 4-8 weeks) £200
1 Session £140
Course of 4 sessions £450
1 Session £250
2 sessions (4 weeks apart) £450
Dermal Filler Packages

Our dermal filler packages are available to be used over the following areas – Lips, cheeks, smile lines/marionette lines, upper lip lines, jawline, chin, tear trough

2ml £400
3ml £550
4ml £670
5ml £780
6ml £900
7ml £1,030  
Lip Filler
Premium 0.5ml £160 £140 £140
Premium 0.7ml £200 £180 £180
Premium 1ml £240 £200 £200
Line Softening Treatment 
Upper Face
Line Softening Treatment – 1 area £150 £150  
Line Softening Treatment – 2 areas £190 £190  
Line Softening Treatment – 3 areas £230 £230  
Chemical brow lift £190 £190  
Additional areas From £60 From £60  
Male Patients
Line Softening Treatment – 1 area £170 £170  
Line Softening Treatment – 2 areas £210 £210  
Line Softening Treatment – 3 areas £250 £250  
Chemical brow lift £210 £210  
Additional areas From £70 From £70  
Advanced Areas
Gummy Smile, Marionettes, Chin Dimpling, Smokers Lines, Lip Flip, Bunny Lines From £150 From £150  
Nefertiti (lower face lift) From £190 From £190  
Jawline Slimming (including 6 week review) From £250 From £250  
Excessive sweating From £300 From £300  
Terms and Conditions

1. Patient Data

1.1 In accordance with relevant legislation, you accept that all patient’s medical records will be kept for 10 years
1.2 You accept that your personal details will be stored securely by KLR Aesthetics LTD
1.3 In line with current legislation you may view or request a copy of your medical records at any time following a request in writing.

2. Refund and Cancellation Policy

2.1  You accept that any requests by the cardholder to the bank or PayPal for a refund of fees will result in an automatic denial of the claim.
2.2 You accept that you are responsible for cancelling or rescheduling any appointments at least 72 hours before the appointment date and time.
2.3 You accept that if you have failed to attend an appointment without following the correct cancellation policy, we reserve the right to refuse future bookings with KLR Aesthetics LTD.
2.4 All booking fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstances. Booking fees are only transferrable if rescheduled at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.
2.5 In the event a clinic is rearranged or cancelled by KLR Aesthetics LTD, KLR Aesthetics LTD will not reimburse expenses that may of incurred due to this.

3. Patient Responsibilities

3.1 You accept that the minimum age for all consultations and procedures is 18 and you confirm to be aged 18 or above. If you are unable to provide identification, we will refuse treatment and you will lose your booking fee
3.2 You accept that patients are responsible for reading and understanding all consent forms, terms and conditions and relevant procedure information as well as being compliant with aftercare as advised.
3.3 We will be professional and courteous towards you and expect the same in return. You accept that any abuse directed at staff members either in person or digitally will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
3.4 You accept that KLR Aesthetics LTD has the right to refuse medical treatment for any reason.
3.5 You accept that if you are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will lose your booking fee.
3.6 You accept that we do not allow those under 18 years of age into our clinic. If you do attend your appointment with children, we will cancel your appointment and you will lose your booking fee.
3.7 We cannot accept bookings made on behalf of someone else. We also can not transfer booking fees to another individual.
3.8 You accept that we cannot complete a treatment if you have complications from any previous treatments such as lumps, filler migration or over filling. Any complications such as these will need managing and correcting before we can complete the treatment. If you arrive at our clinic and we are unable to complete the treatment due to this, you accept that the booking fee is non transferable or refundable. If you have had treatment with a different clinic and are unsure, please message us or book a filler consultation before booking any treatments